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We highlight commercial websites that are unreasonably hard to use, don't work properly, or don't actually offer what they promise. It's a way for web developers everywhere to learn what kind of mistakes they should avoid -- and of course, an opportunity for the companies listed here to fix the problems we document.


About Us / Contact

What's on this site?

We highlight sites that are unreasonably hard to use, don't work properly, or don't actually offer what they promise. We're not here to nitpick, and don't expect sites to be perfect. (Heaven knows our own sites are far from perfect.) We list sites here only when they have glaring problems that dramatically hinder the visitor's ability to use the site properly or get the information they're looking for.

Why are you doing this?

  1. It's educational. Webmasters everywhere can easily see examples of mistakes they should work to avoid. Our work is used in college textbooks and class assignments, especially our Website Design Tips.
  2. It encourages the companies listed here to fix their sites. No company in its right mind wants to appear unresponsive to the problems we list here about their sites. Getting listed here gives them strong motivation to get their site working properly.
  3. It provides validation for other frustrated web users. Every day, web users everywhere are frustrated by sites that don't work properly. It's validating for these people to see that others share their sense of frustration. Heck, our own frustration with problem websites was a powerful motivation to start listing them here.

Why don't you just tell the companies about the problems with their sites instead of embarrassing them here?

Because it doesn't work. If we'd had any modicum of success in getting companies to respond to our concerns over the last ten years then this site likely wouldn't exist. In fact, some of the sites listed here completely blew us off when we tried to bring the problems to their attention.

Besides, listing problems with websites here serves as an important educational tool that shows professional and aspiring webmasters what kinds of mistakes to avoid.

How do you find sites to list here?

Easy: We just use the Internet. Problem websites abound, and we can't use the web for long without running into one.

How do I submit a site with a problem that I want you to list?

Sorry, you can't. We don't accept suggestions for sites to review. We can find enough on our own. We list as many sites here as we have time to review; we have no lack of candidates to put up. We already have a backlog of sites to review even without suggestions from our readers. There's no point in our taking suggestions that we don't have time to act on. We have no lack of fodder for this project just browsing on our own.

How do I contact you?

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