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We highlight commercial websites that are unreasonably hard to use, don't work properly, or don't actually offer what they promise. It's a way for web developers everywhere to learn what kind of mistakes they should avoid -- and of course, an opportunity for the companies listed here to fix the problems we document.


Site won't load

Bike Mine

reviewed Dec. 29, 2006
fixed July 2007

Most sites load just fine if you don't include the "www" when you type the address. But Bike Mine didn't. Shortly after we reported that problem here, the problem was fixed.

Here's our original report:

I knew from an industry database that this company's domain was, but when I visited in a browser, I got the "Under Construction" page showed above. I very nearly took them at their word, that they really didn't have a website, when I decided on a lark to try Bingo, site comes up fine. 99.999% of sites work perfectly whether you type the WWW or not. There's absolutely no reason for this site to show an Under Construction page if the user doesn't type the WWW.